SAZ are an original music, female fronted, heavy metal (old skool style), kick ass, Scottish rock band. We have been gigging around Scotland since 1999 and loving every minute. SAZ was born in 1998 inspired by punk rock and 80's heavy metal. A gigging version of the band was formed in 1999 and had a distinctly rock/pop sound, which, with time, and band member changes, evolved into today's "hard hitting" rock sound with powerful melodic vocals.

One of the highlights for the band was a support slot with up and coming rock band, Torquamada, at "King Tuts" in Glasgow. "We were really nervous about this one" recalls Richy, "We were the first on out of four bands, which meant going on at 8.30pm in a city who didn't know us from adam, so we really didn't expect a crowd, let alone a good response. As it turned out, we played to audience of 300 and they really seemed to get into what we do and the buzz was terrific!"

One of the biggest gigs for us so far was supporting BLAZE (former front man with "Iron Maiden") at "The Doghouse" in Dundee. Marina recalls, "Ian Whyte (Dundee based club manager and music promoter) really helped us there. He knew that members of the band were "Maiden" fans and thought we were up to the job and gave us a chance.. It turned out be a great night for us and "Blaze", who were superb!"

Another highlight has to be our support slot with Maiden Scotland and Paul Dianno at the Doghouse (Sat 11th June 2005). Maiden Scotland must be the best tribute band we've ever supported and an obvious choice for Paul Dianno's backing band when touring in Scotland. They have a superb vocalist themselves and have the Maiden material down to a tee. Paul Dianno lives up to all expectations and is still very much a force to be reckoned with. It turned out to be one of our best gigs yet! Cheers guys!

In 2007 we completed shooting a promotional video for the track "Gotta Get A Grip". In 2009 we had live video shot at an outdoor festival.
In 2006/07/08 and 2012/16/17 we made appearances at Kirriemuir's Bonfest...a yearly week-end festival celebrating all things AC/DC. Kirriemuir is Bon Scott's home town as it is Kev The Rev's and we are always honoured to take part.
Today, in 2022, we are gigging as often as possible and have now been on the road and living the dream for over twenty years and it's all down to a love of rock music and playing it live...thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.


SAZ are (from left to right)



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